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Technical support

We highly value our customers and are willing to provide all the required technical support.
Our Support Team is here to provide solutions for almost any known issues.
However, before contacting our Support Team, there is something you should know first.

  1. We are here to help and to solve all the issues customers may ever face.
  2. However, the duty of supporting the end-customer must be carried out by the retailer (distributor, online shop, etc) which sold the unit to final customer. That is the normal and official way. That's what customer protection laws and acts say in most of the countries, world-wide. So you should talk to your local reseller/retailer/distributor FIRST, and get all the support they can provide. But if for some reasons you are not happy with level of service provided by your retailer/reseller/distributor - let us know. We will try to fix.
  3. Yes, we know that sometimes resellers and retailers are not perfect about providing the best  support end-customer deserves. And we know there are more complicated issues. Ok. That's why we are here: to help with more complicated issues, which may not be known and can not be solved by your local distributor/retailer/reseller. But let us know, which company (and for what reason) didn't provide the technical support to you.
  4. Again, remember that the normal way is to ask your distributor. It is our courtesy service for improving the customer experience.
  5. For obvious reasons, we can provide support only in English. Online translators aren't that good, so all the local languages support must be provided locally.
  6. Normally, we can not sell or send you one piece of spare part, etc. We provide them through official dealers and distributors.


If this all is clear, you can submit requests using the contacts below:

Facebook: facebook.com/dr.hd.page

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.