Dr.HD successfully exhibit in CES 2018, we released the brand new signal meter Dr.HD500Combo, which is a real time spectrum analyzer working with Android phone/ watch/tablet, special offer during CES available for the visitors, we had received a lot of registrations.

This meter is without display on it. The full display is now on your cell phone or tablet. So the display and screen size depends on your mobile device, this is a great option because you can take tablets of up to 10 "to get as much information as possible when measuring.


Take a mobile device with a better quality screen that will have as few problems as you can while sunblocking. Spectrum speed is pretty fast, frequency range 40-2250MHz cover all Sat TV and terristrial TV bands, and even some LTE/3G/4G bands, Also the "report" function can save installer's time for documentation, after testing, you could easily generate a field test report with all parameters needed.


Also many visitors show interest on our HDMI tester 500HBT as well, this HDMI tester has two boxes, connect HDMI cable between two boxes, you can see test result from your cellphone or table/watch, easy and fast, this is great solution for testing HDMI cable installed cross rooms.

drhd ces2018 12 drhd ces2018 13


Dr.HD will come and see you again in CES2019!