The Hong Kong Electronics Fair is over, finally we have got few days to take care of the customer feedback we have received at the show, plus we can address our partners and clientele and publish some news.

First of all, we are grateful to all the visitors to our booth, both first-time visitors, and our clients we have already had met face-to-face before.

We hope that the Hong Kong Electronics Fair had demonstrated and proved the innovative spirit of our company, as we have displayed few unique items, just to name a few:

  • lowest-cost (in all the Fair) SD FTA receiver with CA (full support of Ir,Vi,Co,Dre,etc)
  • lowest-cost SD receiver with LAN-port, fully functional, to compete the cloned (clowned?) copies of DM500
  • most EXPENSIVE (and damn well worth the price) three-tuner receiver with UPnP


(Dr.HD Equinox)

- full range of HDMI splitters (and other HDMI equipment), now supplied with special chips to protect the HDMI ports against damage, even in case of wrong connections. While our competitors thinking how to deal with warranty issues, we are the first who decided to avoid most of them (even in case of wrong-doing on customer side), and to install special protection circuits, WITHOUT CHANGING THE PRICE.


Thank you for all the attention from the clients, and if you are in STB business, we are happy to draw your attention to:


1. STBs/receivers:

Dr.HD F15 (DVB-S2, PVR, 1CA, 1CI, 3USB, SD card slot, LAN port, media player, silent and fast, good picture)

Dr.HD F15 + (one more card-reader)

Dr.HD F16 (similar to F15, but also with DVB-T tuner)

Dr.HD Equinox (all mentioned above, plus 3 tuners; 2CI, 2CA, uPnP, Hard Disk inside, analog AV-input, etc)

Those receivers are developed in Korea (hardware) + Europe/E.Europe (software), and they are targeting Hi-End and Hi-Fi markets, with reasonable price..


2. Dr.HD 900S Professional grade satellite finder with spectrum analyzer in compact size. (We are happy to announce that we have revised the BOM prices, and after the show we are happy to offer a NEW REDUCED price, please contact us for a quote)


3. HOTCAKE DVB-S Zapper + CA Ultra-CAS card-reader + LAN

  • LAN version is created to support many new Internet functions, but price up to 1.5 times cheaper than price from competitors
  • much better CA support than normal MULTI-CAS,so we call it ULTRA-CAS. (Works faster than official CA, supporting Ir,Vi,Co,DRE,...)


We are willing to prove that we have different solutions, software/hardware and attitude. So if you didn't get appropriate samples from us at the Fair - it may be the right time to ask now.

Whatever your request or your feedback is, please let us know, it is important for us.