As you may know, the Dr.HD set-top boxes F15 and F16 are well known for their “affordable professional set of features”, as one of our customers said. You can see it by looking at picture quality our upscaler provides on HDMI. And considering the fact that they are the only receivers in the class that do not need cooling-down fans (and that says a lot about hardware engineers we are using). This is easy to notice in Spectrum Analyzer function, both Satellite and Terrestrial, which firstly appeared only on “doctors”. (And our motto «Just what doctor ordered» speaks for itself.)

And receintly, in Europe, in GermanyА the Sat-DXer-Treffen Tröbitz 2011 meeting and conference took place. «DXers» are those “power-users” who do not want to be bound by limits of traditional customer electronics, and they want to get most out of their boxes, that is weak and weird channels, with strange and exotic standards from rare satellites. And we are pleased to admit they have got two new favourites now: Dr.HD F16 и Dr.HD F15. They are popular amont DXers (the most demanding part of sat-tv community!) for many reasons. One of them is that these receivers have Spectrum Analyzer. (By the way, the separate sat-finder with Spectrum Analyzer called Dr.HD 900S was also reviwed and evaluated there), but that isn't the only reason. Blind scan function for SD and HD channels is important, too. But that's not all. Of great importance is the tuner part of the receivers. Some time before, for the DXing they were using one Ukrainian receiver (and you can get a glimpse of it in the middle of video), but now it is clear that “doctors” are providing more stable results. For example, the CFN channel Eutelsat Sesat 16° East satellite (11.278 H , SR 330 ) - is a problem to receive on the Ukranian box even with high signal quality, because after any change of outside temperature the signal is lost, but Dr.HD can receive this SCPC channels quite stable, including channels with SR=300 and even lower!

Full video is available here: (German/Deutsch)