Dear friends! It was a GREAT PLEASURE to take part in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, which took place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, April 13th - April 16th 2011. Thank you for visiting our booth and checking our our new products! For those who were not in Hong Kong these days (oooops!), we are happy to make a short photo report about the Fair.

We have met lots of clients, partners (and even some fans!) from Mainland China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Australia, Africa, Middle East, Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries, Germany, Austria, England and Northern Ireland, Canada and USA, and Brazil, Argentine, etc, etc, etc!!! Talking face-to-face, we were able to show and explain our road-map regarding the new products and services that we are going to offer. We have prepared some pictures taken there, you may want to see them below.

But now, as we have analyzed all the business communication we have had at the Fair, we are able to tell what products are of most interest for our partners. So, let's talk about the items that had attracted most of our clients' attention.

1. New star is born!!! Yes. It is our new receiver called HotCake.

It has got this name, because “Selling like hotcakes” is an old English phrase that means “selling a lot, very fast”. And we think that this STB is doomed to sell well, considering its price/quality ratio. What makes the HotCake HOT? Here it goes:

  • A low-cost small (200mm wide case) DVB-S receiver, MPEG-2, SD
  • Ultra-CAS card-reader (capable of working with official Ird.., Via.., Con.., and DRE-Crypt cards incl. OverCrypt and other new mods), extremely fast in detecting the cards (less than 1 sec normally), also VERY FAST switching time when zapping channels (due to our special turbo-exchange-mode between card and STB). Other companies call it Multi-CAS, but we have completely different engine, so to avoid confusion with inferior Multi-CAS solutions, we call it Ultra-CAS.
  • World-Record cold-boot time: less than 1 second (Unfortunately, the Guinness Record Book representatives were not attending the show, otherwise we would definitely have gotten certificate for world's fastest-booting receiver :) )
  • LAN port (removable for some countries) for Internet connectivity
  • Protections agains LNB short-circuit, overloading, can work with 1.2 motors
  • Killing wholesale price for both versions with Ultra-CAS card-reader, and for version with LAN port. (Some clients didn't even believe, when we announced the prices!!!)


Please, take a look at the leaflet, and see more info.

So, it is easy to notice, that the HotCake isn't “Just another new receiver”! (We see lots of 'new' too similar getting to production, and out of production each month, and none of them are really something new). Instead, we have used some special chipset and hardware solution (and we are the first in the world to achieve such functions, previously thought to be impossible using this chipset). Also, we tried not to rely on standard reference code supplied by chip-maker (which is normally cheaper and faster for standard companies); instead, we have made everything from very beginning, from scratch, from UI/OSD/fonts, etc!!! And then we added something, which our competitors thought we can not do. Such results wouldn't be possible, if we hadn't used wits of some very special software and hardware engineers located in East Europe and especially in Russia. For ages, those guys are used to create devices using scarce resources, so these guys are soooo damn good in optimizing the code and in some special functions. ;) This is, of course, combined with hard-working and also brilliant people in Asia. With all the functions that we have, and our great price/value ratio, we are sure to surprise many markets – from China and India to Europe and Americas.

Note for customers: after some pilot production, we want to improve our products even further, so we are going to dispatch samples to interested parties in May, keep in touch.

2. As you well know, our company is not just about the low-end and simple receivers (like the HotCake, above.) And our company isn't about the Hi-End, only. In fact, we are  about SURPRISING CLIENTS. :)

So, it is time to say that line of Dr.HD F__ receivers has gotten bigger. Additionally to our Dr.HD F16  and Dr.HD F15 receivers (already popular, and proved to be successful in the markets of CIS and Europe), now we are proud to reveal our new F22 and F22+ receivers, which were never shown to public before the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (yet  there were some rumors on the Internet). Here she is, our shiny new flagship:



  • Stylish Piano Black 430mm (17”) case for Hi-Fi stand
  • Any Network, Any Signal: three tuners,  1 is interchangeable, so STB can be: 2* DVB-S2 + DVB-T2, 2*Satellite +  DVB-C, DVB-C + DVB-T, (DVB-T2 for Great Britain and Germany), etc
  • SATA Hard Disk inside (2.5”, 3.5”) for PVR functions, time-shift, etc
  • Media player
  • Weather station (no IP connection needed)
  • USB ports: enough
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Internet Widgets via IP LAN connection
  • SILENT. Yes, this set-top box is not just as quiet as competitors can be, it is silent. Fan-less design, green eco-friendly solutions, low heat emission. Buy a SSD (Solid State Drive) HDD to complement this 100% quiet solution.
  • Analog Video input for high-quality (better than most PC cards) digitizing your VHS-tapes, for security cameras, etc
  • ENOUGH card-readers and Common Interface slots
  • Upscaler for best viewing experience with SD channels on HDTV panels
  • Our well known (and approved in Germany tests) hi-fi Video Output Circuits for a quality picture


As you see, now we have full-range of models for the HD market, and new Dr.HD F22+ is certainly going to be one more STB that we can be proud of. Samples available in May, for qualified buyers.

Probably, now it isn't the time to give description of all our new products in one article,  if interested, you can download and see our new product presentations for yourself:


As we have told you before, our company is proud to be different. We love our work. We enjoy to create some new devices (and yes, we are using them at home, and we like them, and that gives us a better chance to make them even better!).  We like the results of our hard work, and of course we were happy to meet once again in Hong Kong. It is a pleasure for us, and we hope it was as good for you, as it was for us. Please see the fair pictures and join us next time!