This Fall we took part in two well-known world shows:

1.  Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn 2009), Hong Kong, 13th-16th of October, 2009
(our own booth)

2. EEBC (East European Broadcasting Convention), Kiev, Ukraine, 21st – 23rd of October, 2009
(booth of our sub-dealer in Ukraine, the MorTelekom company,


Of course, we presented our unique function of Spectrum Analyzer. Actually it's not the only exclusive and luxury function that we have. But it’s easy and effective to show it at exhibition. It works like our visiting card because only we managed to develop this cool function one year ago. Now there are copycats in the market who enjoy the stealing of others’ IP and know-how, but shall we care about them?

The Spectrum Analyzer drew public attention so that we got more new customer. Cool. That’s what the shows are about!

During these shows, for the first time in the world we presented the Satellite-Equipment (External) Weather Sensor System (SEWSS™). Using it anybody can see the real-time outside temperature, etc. either on the TV screen (INFO button) or on the front-panel of the receiver without switching on the TV (see picture Dr.HD_F16 new panel temperature ).

It is cool and easy way to know what is the weather outside, and what to wear. No need to switch on a weather channel any more. No time wasted, it takes just a look to the receiver now. That simple function attracted lots of people. Why not? Good new generation set-top box, new useful function. Something to start from, and to stand apart from competition, too.

Another simple demo was the short-circuit demo. Have you ever tried to short-circuit the RG-6 cable of your old receiver? No? And our advice is: don’t try it at home! :) As, 95% of receivers will get damaged in case of such harsh conditions (because they use the LNBP chips). The sparks are being emitted from the contacts, smell is coming from wires… But no damage at all to Dr.HD F16 receiver, 'cause we installed special circuitry inside, protecting against this :) “Big deal!” –  skeptic says. “True!” –  we reply. “Sure! But it is important for some customers, as some receivers are damaged not even by lightning, but rather by static electricity at lightning storms of summer. But that’s not the only point. The point is to show our company isn’t trying to save 3 USD by installing cheaper LNBP solution, $5 by installing cheaper video output, etc.”

Also, our customers liked the new remote control (v2) , which now has two differences from the old one:


  1. Remote buttons are made of fluorescent rubber, so they glow in the dark.
  2. The beam from the remote is much wider now. So, there is no need to aim the remote to the receiver.

But this in not all the functions we have up our sleeve, so stay tuned, we hope to give you good news at Christmas time!!!

P.S. Thanks to all the customers and soon-to be customers for visiting our booths! It is good to meet face-by-face, we enjoy exchange of opinions happen, and we know what customers really demand from set-top box. We have met many people from many countries from Argentina to Norway and from Canada to Australia.

We've got many opinions and we will try to make use for all of them. THANK YOU!


P.P.S. Funny observation.  We have over-heard conversation of couple of guys interested in our Doctor HD F16 receiver standing near our booth. Obviously were not in set-top box business, so they didn’t know what exactly this receiver is about. Yet, when talking one to another, these guys said:

   - Do you know what is it?
   - Have no idea.
   - Shall I ask?
   - What for? We are not in this business anyway. But from the design and from demonstration I see that it is something cool and professional.
   - If it is something nice, shall we buy it?

Professionals (even in another business, not knowing anything about satellite and terrestrial TV) have seen our product as “something cool and professional”. This is like an award to us, as people see that we are ahead of competitors in many ways. We wish these guys were in STB business, though :)

Dr.HD Team