Terms of delivery


Country By DHL/FEDEX
(Express post) *
Lead time
USA, Canada, Mexico 50 USD 5-7 days
Ireland, Holland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Danmark, France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Italy, German, Swizerland, Austria, Israel 50 USD 5-7 days
UK 50 USD 5-7 days
Czech, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Latvia, lithuania, Bulgaria, Poland, Albania 50 USD 5-7 days
Gibraltar, Montenegro, Zimbabwe, Slovakia, Singapore, Oman 50 USD 7-9 days
Ukraine 50 USD 7-10 days
UAE 50 USD 7-10 days
Indonesia, Japan, Korea, India, Philippines 50 USD 7-10 days
Australia, New Zealand 50 USD 7-10 days
Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, Laos, Vietnam 50 USD 7-10 days
Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Panama, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Columbia 50 USD 7-10 days
Azerbaijan, Malaysia 70 USD 7-10 days
Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Ethiopia 50 USD 7-10 days
Kenya, South Africa 50 USD 7-10 days
Thailand 30 USD 7-9 days

* Shipping and Handling


Notice that due to coronavirus pandemic the delivery times of many parcels are extended, be patient and thanks for understanding!


Black list

No delivery to Afghanistan, Burundi, Central African Republic, Cote d'Ivoire, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Liberia, Mali, Niger, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, South Sultan, Tajikistan and Yemen.