Dr.HD 500 Combo

"Swiss Army Knife" for the TV/RF Spectrum needs FIRST TIME EVER affordable to have.

 "Swiss Army Knife" for the TV/RF Spectrum needs FIRST TIME EVER affordable to have.

  • Real-time Spectrum Analyzer
  • Powerful Signal Meter and Analyzer
  • For the TV/FM/Radio/Air/Marine/Ham/etc signals
  • Anything between 40…2250 MHz!
  • For TV/Radio enthusiasts, Radio Hams, Sat/Cable TV Installers, RC Hobbyists
  • Bug detection, Antennae Installation, EMF-compatibility issues… whatever!
  • Are there harmful RF-signals in your house?



  • Fast Spectrum analyzer (real-time)
  • Freq. range1: 250-2250 MHz
  • Freq. range2: 40-1000 MHz
  • View Satellite, Terrestrial and Cable TV signals
  • Full VHF/UHF/FM/DAB/DVB spectrum coverage
  • Marine band + Air band spectrum
  • Also 3G/4G/GSM/PCS/LTE/similar bands spectrum
  • Spectrum of 433/315/868 MHz RF-devices
  • View Radio HAM bands, GMRS/FRS, amateur/DX radio + some radar spectrum, etc
  • Everything that’s needed for Sat TV DVB-S/S2, T/T2 installation: spectrum, Sat ID, signal measurement, Services scanning
  • Good for VSAT installations
  • Proof of Perfomance reports
  • Blind satellite identification (SAT ID!!!)
  • Hundreds other uses
  • Wide range of spectrum modes (min hold, max hold, average, transparent)
  • Span: 2000 MHz-27 MHz
  • Resolution: 8 MHz-100 KHz
  • Narrow band display
  • Pro-grade signal analyzer
  • Link Margin display (Sat and Terr.TV)
  • RSSI, C/N, MER, BER, PE display
  • Constellation display
  • NIT/SDT analyzer
  • Services/channels scanner (Sat and Terr.)
  • DiSEqC control (Sat)
  • Cable power with overload protection: 5V/300mA, 13/18V 750mA
  • Palm-size
  • Auto Satellite data download
  • Rechargeable battery


* Android 4.4 or later smartphone required (not included)


Official APK:

drhd 500c qrcode


Direct link: https://dr-hd.com/apk/drhd-500bt/Dr.HD500ComboBT.apk