Dr.HD F16

High Definition Satellite & Terrestrial PVR Set-top-Box with Spectrum Analyzer embedded and other unique functions.


Watch presentation video with F16 tests in SD or HD quality: English (HD), English (SD); German (HD), German (SD)

 The name of the receiver is F16, same as the name of the well-known jet fighter. Coincidence? Let's take a look...

  • Rapid-fire guns (high-speed card-reader, two CI slots, fast channel zapping time)
  • Telemetry systems (full-time connection to the Internet by Ethernet via LAN)
  • Black Box: HD PVR-ready (via external USB and eSATA) for recording the programs; time-shift and trick-mode
  • Easy-to-fly: The PVR-recordings of the F16 - can be played on the PC without any conversion
  • Effective armor: equipped with full protection against short-circuit of the LNB cable (really rare function nowadays)
  • RADAR: pro-grade SPECTRUM ANALYZER embedded
  • More TOP SECRET functions to follow soon.


"What that is supposed to mean?", we are being asked by many customers, clients (and soon-to-be, future clients)... It means that When we were creating this receiver - we were focused not on the usual 'Let's make one more box for the market, market is big, and somebody will buy it - so we make some cash' concept (concept hundreds of other companies apply). It means we are talking about really special product, which is rich in features like nobody else. Let's start from the obvious: it is THE FIRST RECEIVER IN THE WORLD WITH SPECTRUM ANALYZER EMBEDDED. Nobody else have that feature. (Of course, we understand that this fuction will be cloned and applied by other less clever Chinese and Korean companies by the end of 2009. But that's OK, by that time we will create and include lots of new functions, and those copy-cats will be always staying behind). "OK, Spectrum Analyzer is cool. But what that gives me" - would ask us our Reader (and, we hope, our future client). Reasonable question. And quite easy to answer, too. Because this function is good both for 'normal' end-customer, tech-geek and also for STB's distributor. For end-customer - it is a chance to play with almost-professinal-grade Spectum Analyzer (worth more than 1000 Euro), at the reasonable price of HD set-top box. Also, it is a good opportunity to fine-tune the satellite dish as D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) project, without need of calling for installer. For tech-geek - we think there's no need to explain, that kind of person (gadget-fan) is probably already experiencing the desire to try it, as soon as possible. :) And for professional installer - it is also fun-to-use (and convenient) function, and also a chance to show to customer how professional the installation is (and charge more money:). And that is only One of the features that we have. Here are few more, for those who are already interested:

  • There is "Satellite ID" function in the software. That means: if you find some signal in the sky, and want to know what satellite the signal is coming from - you can use that function, and get the name of the satellite.
  • The PVR recordings (of course, the trick-mode, time shift and timer recording by set-up timer and from EPG are available - it is must to have!) are playable by some PC players (we give you the list). That means:there is no more need for converting the files, recorded by your receiver, to the computer-friendly format for watching them on PC.
  • For those who need to find-tune the dish, we have applied much more user-friendly sound-indication for the signal strength. Effectively, it means that it is much more easy to tune (fine-tune) the satellite dish when it is not so close to your TV, for example when the dish is on the balcony, and TV is in the bedroom. More than that! We have heard that some people call from their home-phone to their mobile phone, and put the home-phone near the TV. This way, it is easy to take the mobile phone to the roof (where the dish is installed) and fine-tune the antenna without the need for calling the professional installer. Now you are free from installer's bill and you pay only for couple of minutes on the phone.

    It isn't that un-informative and annoying sound that you could hear with another receivers, anymore. Sound is much more pleasant for your ears, and it's much faster to tune your dish now.

  • In future software releases, new function will be applied: when your F16 is connected to your home LAN network - you will be able to record to a shared-folder on your home-PC. No need to attach dedicated HDD to your receiver if your PC is on, anyway.
  • We have applied extended functions for USB-storage. It is very easy now to save your settings (including, but not limited to, the channels) to an USB-fash-drive. And then to recover from the USB-flash. Also, the customers are able to share their channel lists and settings on the Internet. And it is time- and nerve-saving for the installers and distributors. Why? Because it is easy to make the right profiles/settings for all types of customers: Astra, Astra+Hotbird, only Free channels, only Ethnic channels (Polish, Lithuanian, Turkish, Arabic, Russian channels), etc, etc.
  • That is not all we want to apply to the SW, so keep tuned for new software updates. We hope to keep your surprized.
  • And the picture quality is good. We didn't save few cents buying low-end chips and lower-specification PSUs, so check and see for yourself on a big-screen TV (or projector).


Therefore, the set of features applied in the F16 project - means that this set-top box has something for:

  1. Self-installers (DIY) like it, because: easy and comfortable to install, also saves $$$ and ??? for installation charge!
  2. Tech-geeks and satellite enthusiasts choose it, because it has much more professional functions than regular set-top box.
  3. Professional installers advice it, because: new USB-profile functions save work time and money, it is possible to make more installations during one day.


And two another reasons are: IT IS FUN TO USE and GOOD PICTURE.

And here is information for those clients, who, for making the right solution, definitely needs the facts and numbers:

  • 2 tuners for reception of both satellite (DVB-S) and terrestrial TV (DVB-T), including MPEG-4 DVB-T SD
  • Quality HDTV picture: watch both SDTV and HDTV
  • UPSCALE function allows convert SD channels to resolutions up to 1920*1080
  • PVR ready: recording and Timeshift functions (external HDD needed, USB or SATA)
  • D.I.Y. dish installation: professional grade SPECTRUM ANALYZER embedded
  • Blind scan of any satellite
  • No need to buy CAM for most original cards. Possible to use up to 3 smartcards (using CAMs) if required
  • Smartcard channel zapping time is so much better for some of the via-providers : see and experience for yourself
  • Ethernet port for connection to LAN and to remote servers via Internet for software upgrades, etc.
  • Adjustable speed of RS-232 connection
  • DVB-S and DVBS-S2 (new!) compatible
  • Decoding of MPEG-2, MPEG-4 SD, MPEG-4 HD, H.264 AVC
  • Supports 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i
  • HDMI output for best digital picture quality without any conversion loss
  • PrPbY (CrCbY) component signal output for best picture quality
  • S-Video Out
  • USB 2.0 port for firmware updates
  • Media player features: playback of movies, music and pictures from external USB drive
  • RF-modulator for signal distribution
  • S/PDIF optical digital audio output
  • DiSEqC 1.1 support for connection of up to 16 dishes
  • DiSEqC 1.2 and USALS functions for motorized dish control
  • Subtitles and teletext
  • Parental control


LNB/Tuner input

  • Frequency range: 950MHz ~ 2150MHz
  • Signal level: -65dBm ~ -25dBm
  • LNB supply: DC 13/18V, max 400mA
  • LNB switch control: 22kHz
  • DiSEqC: Ver 1.0/1.1/1.2/USALS Compatible

Terrestrial Tuner and Channel Decoder

  • Frequency range: 170~230MHz, 470~862MHz
  • Input impedance: 75 Ohms Nominal
  • Signal level: 7.8MHz (-78dBm~-25dBm) switchable by software
  • IF bandwidth: 7,8MHz (-3dBm) switchable by software
  • Waveform: OFDM
  • Carrier mode: 2k and 8k hierarchical/non-hierarchical
  • Code rate: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
  • Guard interval: 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32

System resource

  • Processor: 32bit processor (266MHz)
  • DDR SDRAM: 32Mbyte x 4
  • FLASH: 8Mbyte
  • EEPROM: 256Kbit

Video decoder

  • MPEG: MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264
  • Data rate: up to 15Mbits/s
  • Resolution: up to 1920 x 1080i
  • Video format: PAL
  • Aspect ratio: 4:3, 16:9

Audio decoder

  • MPEG: MPEG-1 layer 1&2
  • Type: Mono, Stereo, Joint Stereo
  • Sampling rates : 32, 44.1 and 48kHz