Dr.HD D15

Satellite Receiver with LAN and Pro Grade Spectrum Analyzer. SAT STB + Spectrum Analyzer + Media Player + Weather Station

Since 2009, our model line F16/F15 (named after fighter jets) - has become popular in many markets. Their professional and at the same time user-friendly functions made them famous among DXers, and of course also for normal consumers. Because quality and value is important for every customer. Now, get to know our new model, called D15, which takes all the best from F15. And provides even more value due to better price.

  • [new] Now with much better cost. And faster CPU,too
  • [new] Support of Wi-Fi with USB dongle
  • [new] NTFS support for Mediaplayer
  • [new] Playback of your media files streamed directly from your PC by home LAN
  • [new] More energy-efficient and greener, low power consumption
  • [new] Now with HDTV UI (graphics) by default
  • Fully HDTV and 3D compatible
  • Ultra-CAS Card Reader for different cards
  • Common Interface for CAMs
  • HD Media Player inside, supporting most popular formats and containers, including the MKV
  • HD PVR-ready
  • PVR records can be played on your PC without format conversion
  • SPECTRUM ANALYZER for effective DIY installation, and also for professional and DX use
  • Remote control has wide beam-range and buttons are fluorescent for greater comfort in the dark
  • LAN port to connect to Internet to remote servers and services; Wi-Fi (optional)
  • All the Linux-box features without Linux, faster and more stable

So, jet fighter or not, the D15 is: Powerful. Fast. Big threat to competitors.

All our classic functions of F16 and F15 are there. Plus more, for better value.

                   IT IS FUN TO USE and GOOD PICTURE

                 (special algorithm upscaler and special video output solutions)