Special Cleaning s/w


[How to use this cleaning s/w]
Please download attachment and update this s/w. (Start Cleaning s/w)
But after finish update with this s/w, the box will not booting.
AC off (get out AC code) and push menu key on Front panel. During push menu key of Front panel, AC on (insert power)
And then you can see menu for loader.
Insert USB with main s/w and upgrade. Also wait re booting.
After rebooting, we recommend factory reset.


Ver. 211 (13.06.2013)


  • DRE Issues
  • NTV+ emm fix
  • VK stability issues


Vkontakte 0.3.8


New version only works with Grand Triple R211.


STB Daemon 3.04


New version only works with Grand/Grand Triple R211.


Ver. 210 (11.03.2013)


  • VK Plugin setting .../VK/VK Option/Storage/... removed. Default Disk Setting is for all since now
  • VK some new API changes fixed (Not enough data and other messages)
  • Some other bugs fixed...


Ver. 209 (22.02.2013)


  • VK new version: Search issues
  • Fix VK download (-)% issues.
  • PDF to TXT changed.


Ver. 208 (25.01.2013)


  • Channel  editor group moving
  • Remote control WIDE key new function (Pillar-Box H)
  • SDCard detection bug fixed
  • Volume control problem Checking issues fixed.
  • Multi PLP of DVB-T2
  • Fix Freeze problem after “Pause” over 2min, when movie play by VK


Ver. 010 (28.12.2012)


Special New Year Release:

  • Group channels moving in editor (like it was for SDGUI of F16/F15)
  • New Pillar-box H mode (it is for 16x9 TV screens when small picture broadcasts)
  • Normal standby mode errors fix (HDD sleep and EPG PVR off)
  • Youtube interface improved


Ver. 207 (14.12.2012)


What's new: media functions was improved.


NDFEdit 1.6.2


NDF (CNDF) files editor. Original software by Dr.HD.


NDF Settings Editor


NDF (CNDF) files editor. Completely different software, created by Infinity.


Ver. 206 (16.11.2012)



Plugin RSS reader


Plug-in for reading RSS.


Plugin Torrent


Plugin to download torrent files.


Ver. 203 (30.10.2012)


  • Fix to display the blue line at Pillar-box(screen mode) when record and play.
  • Russian keyboard app(Android) was approved and registered to Google PlayStore. (iOS is on the process).