Dear customers! Welcome to our booth at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, which will take place in Hong Kong Convention center, April 13th - 16th. We will show at least two new STB models and some new concepts that we have kept secret so far. :) Booth number 3D B35, in the Hall 3.

New v1.13 software added.

New v2.55 software added.

New v1.12 software added.

Dear Friends! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Let the happiness be with you, and let's meet again in 2011 and share the good mood and success!"

Now smaller, but with most functions of the old brother, F16. There are even some functions that were not available before: SDHC card reader, 3 USB ports, Media Player. Price is MUCH better now. Enjoy!

Great news for DX communities and for all the fans of the F16 (and coming F15) receivers. Now we have improved the SPECTRUM ANALYZER part, and software got just better, SPECTRUM got faster and much more effective, with more professional look and feel. Please download fresh software.

New v2.31 software added.

New v2.26 software added.

New v2.22 software added. RECALL LIST function is improved. Some other fixes.